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This site deals with very politically incorrect fantasies. If you do not have these sorts of fantasies, you will likely find them shocking, if not offensive -- our site is not for you, please go away.

Among those who are offended, there are those who would wish us censored. Their assertion is that this web site inflames the lusts of the viewers, 'normalize' the idea of violence, and thereby drive the viewer to commit acts of violence mimicking what they view on these sites. It is the same sort of theory that drives the forces of censorship everywhere, for all manner of things that people would censor. Yet there is no evidence for such a link between those who commit acts of rape and violence and their consumption of pornography other than the fact that many people who commit acts of violence also consume pornography. Many dentists also consume pornography. Does pornography also lead to dentistry? If the logic applies to one, the same logic must apply to the other. The vast preponderance of people who consume pornography never commit any crime at all.

The material we produce is fanciful, even cartoonish in many regards; there is nothing realistic about it. Our viewers know this. Far from normalizing violence, it relegates it squarely into the realm of fantasy.

Time and time again we harp to our members that as long as you don't harm anyone, as long as you keep things safely in the realm of fantasy, that you use the fiction and imagery found on these sites as a mere virtual realization of a fantasy, you are fine. Harm no one, keep it in fantasy, and you are okay, you are a decent human being.

Unfortunately, there are people in this world, in all walks of life, who value their own pleasure more than they value the well being of other people. Such monstrous individuals will do monstrous things and so, thankfully, are an infinitesimal minority within any gathering of human beings. A person who has these violent fantasies, however, and yet does NOT value their own pleasure more than the life and well being of other people, such a person will NOT harm another person. It is not the absence or presence of such fantasies that drives people to acts of violence or not, it is the absence or presence of a conscience.

In any community of thousands, there are going to be those sorts of people who lack a conscience. It is unfortunate that the actions of those few among us who lack conscience would cause the censors to wish us all harm. I would however ask those who would be tempted to censor to please stop for a moment and think again.

I understand the difference between fantasy and reality and want in.

This might be too much for me.

Our actresses are well paid and thoroughly enjoy their work, many of them telling us that they prefer working with us rather than with anyone else they have ever modeled for. Check out our blooper section to get an idea of the working atmosphere during shooting.

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